John K. Sutherland’s Book Collection

MajorWilliam Devane has just arrived home from a five-year participation in the Napoleonic wars. He finds that his reception in the land of his birth is much more threatening and filled with uncertainty and deception than he encountered in any of the previous five years.
Two lives, fated to interact in some violent way. This was the prediction that Richard Shawcross had been raised believing. He had learned that he and an unknown lady from a French Family would encounter each other in a violent situation, in her twentieth year. That encounter would be the means of saving each other; but from what, had not been disclosed. How will their past lives and connections affect their present situations?
Uncover the mystery and follow the story.  Revisit old England and witness how a prophecy unfolds as author John K. Sutherland seamlessly weaves humor, adventure, intrigue and romance in novels that will leave you breathless and entertained.