Deception by Proxy

Deception by Proxy!

Having just arrived ashore after five years of fighting in the Napoleonic wars, Major William Devane finds himself in a violent and unwelcoming England, his homeland. The hours within his landing are even less predictable than the unfortunate events which he had faced abroad. A series of undesirable events—beginning with a roasting from his godmother— embroils him almost immediately, leading him to believe that the old enemies from the past were back to shape his fate. While travelling north to his inheritance, he is sidetracked by an urgent plea for help, unwittingly finding himself involved in a tragic and deeply personal situation that inextricably entangles him in its emotional web. He is willingly maneuvered into marriage and becomes a widower—all in the span of less than an hour. But the emotional difficulties do not stop there, for he finds that he cannot escape, nor does he wish to.

His life has just been turned upside down, and before he knows it, he is dealing with four interesting and determined ladies, one of whom wishes to see him gone, or dead! The violence of his earlier history becomes handy when he is called upon to defend these women. He soon discovers that he has a much more difficult and challenging emotional situation to address than he might have thought possible – and one that he even begins to enjoy in all of its intimate inter-weavings and complexities.

The events that follow sweep readers back to his old smuggling habits, a necessary abduction, a search for the means of bringing an end to all the emotional uncertainties and gentle deceptions which had become an integral part of his new life. Packed with compelling characters and engagingly unpredictable twists, Deception by Proxy is a timeless tale of outsmarting life and rewriting destiny.